“Dr. Fairchild, Thank you for seeing my husband on December 22 even though he is not your patient. He developed dry socket following wisdom teeth extraction while we were in Indiana visiting family- and our flight home was cancelled so he could not be seen by his home oral surgeon. We are so grateful for your generosity and hospitality, and we send our warmest wishes for your new year. Sincerely, Robert & Jen R.”

“Dr. Fairchild & Staff, I wanted to thank you for your excellent care and services regarding my 4 wisdom teeth being extracted. The staff from beginning to end was so kind and really put me at ease. The personal phone call after my procedure from you was a great personal touch and proves what an awesome doctor you are. I had minimal pain or bleeding after as well so the procedure was top notch. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend you to anyone needing care. Sincerely, Chris R.”

“No comments for improvement- Appreciate all the care Dr. Stevenson and his assistants gave me. Carol O.”

“Everyone has been very courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Thank you. Fernando M.”

“Had a great experience for a major surgery. Everybody was helpful and full of knowledge. Loved that everybody was working together. Lisa J.”

“Notice I put double excellents! The nurses and Dr. Surber were above excellent and professional! Reda A.”

“Great Staff, Great Care thank you Dr. Surber and Carolina.” William R.

“No improvement needed. I was pleasantly surprised and appreciative to have received a call from Dr. Stevenson inquiring how I was feeling after my procedure.” Hannelore M.

“The entire staff is amazing! Dr. Fairchild is so nice and I greatly appreciate you all! Have a blessed life.” Angelique B.

“Extremely professional staff every step of the way. I was totally confident they had my best interests at heart by their actions, comforting and skill in their field.” Marcia S.

“Exemplary! Thank you for the perfect mix of professionalism and kindness.” Margaret B.

“You have a new lifelong customer and I will definitely recommend Dr. Fairchild to anyone needing oral surgery!! Thank you!” Robert B.

“So pleased how they treated my 92 year old mom. Such Compassion!” Lorraine S.

“Dr. Stevenson is amazing with his professional kindness he shows his patients. The staff also makes you very comfortable.” Kathy T.

“It was so nice to come to a medical practice where one is treated as so important. This great service is missing in so many practices.” Theodore S.

“Dr. Stevenson taking time for personal patient care and having a friendly staff is Huge for me. Thank you.” Linda F.”

“My son is special needs and was treated with respect and compassion by everyone. I am very thankful.” Ryan K.

“Dr. Surber was excellent! No pain after surgery at all. Staff was also excellent from the first phone call until I left the office after my procedure. Thank you.” Rod K.

“I was alert during the procedure and appreciated hearing your dialog to yourself, to your aide and to me. What you were doing was  meaningful and necessary- well done.” Ivan W.

“Shannon was very friendly and calming at all times. Enjoyed meeting all of the team. The camaraderie and cohesiveness of your whole team is evident and really GREAT!” Margie G.

“What a great experience I had at your office! From my initial consultation to the actual procedure everyone from the girls at the front desk to the staff and Dr. in the back were nice, helpful, accommodating & informative. Shelly, Thank you for trying to keep me distracted during the procedure by talking to me. Sarah, your comfort by staying in the room and wiping my tears by my side made me feel so much better! I appreciated that so much! Dr. Stevenson, thank you for such a great experience. I feel that just from my consultation you knew of my anxiety & did everything right to make this such a smooth experience. Not that I want to go through this again, but if I had to I would be right back in your office! Thanks again,” Sarah H.